Pros and Cons of Living in Greenwich Village

Pros and Cons of Living in Greenwich Village

  • 212Bravo Team
  • 08/29/23

Greenwich Village, often called “The Village,” has been the epicenter of some of the most significant movements in American arts and culture. The neighborhood, known for its narrow, twisting streets that defy the rigid grid pattern of most of Manhattan, offers a unique, bohemian atmosphere that contrasts with the towering skyscrapers of downtown Manhattan. With its rich history and vibrant arts scene, Greenwich Village continues to draw creatives, intellectuals, and those simply seeking to experience the quintessential charm of New York.

Known for its unique personality, this charming neighborhood has long captured the hearts of New Yorkers and outsiders alike. However, like any urban neighborhood, Greenwich Village has distinct pros and cons. Read on for one expert’s unbiased look at the advantages and challenges of living in Greenwich Village.


Many residents find the benefits of living in Greenwich Village far outweigh the downsides. The neighborhood’s unmatched culture, unique urban design, and top-notch amenities are worth the high entry cost. Read on for the reasons why people love living in Greenwich Village.

Historic charm and architecture

Parts of Greenwich Village belong to historic districts protecting some of the neighborhood’s oldest properties. Local history dates back to the 1600s, when the Dutch first set up shop. Over the centuries, Greenwich Village gained a reputation as a haven for artists, providing refuge for leading lights like Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain, as well as writers and musicians of the Beatnik generation. The palpable sense of history encompasses civil rights riots, city planning milestones, and trials of historical significance.

Historic architecture in Greenwich Village comes in many styles. Impressive Second Empire structures coexist with classic brick townhomes built in the early 1800s. With plenty of properties available throughout the neighborhood, your ideal residence is out there — and the 212Bravo Team can help you find it.

Iconic culture and social scene

Greenwich Village has been a magnet for artists, musicians, and writers for over a century. The neighborhood’s vibrant cultural landscape comprises trendy restaurants, bars, and cafes perfect for all manner of social outings. By day, you can explore art galleries and bookstores without leaving the twisting streets that branch from your residence. Meanwhile, Greenwich Village nightlife includes sophisticated jazz clubs, off-Broadway plays, and much more. Hardworking creatives and motivated professionals enjoy the balance of life Greenwich Village offers. The neighborhood boasts a lively community, with locals often engaged in community events and initiatives.

Serene, peaceful streets

Despite being in the heart of Manhattan, Greenwich Village maintains a certain tranquility and greenness that's rare in the bustling city. You will find many local parks, from Washington Square Park to greenspace along the scenic Hudson River waterfront. The village’s lush foliage and tree-lined streets contribute to a sense of calm and serenity within the city's fast-paced environment.
The residential real estate of Greenwich Village is well-spaced between trendy cafes and boutiques. With a bike and a subway card, you can get to most places in Manhattan in well under an hour. Greenwich Village residents enjoy easy access to East Village, Soho, and Chelsea. With so many possibilities, you can meticulously plan a long weekend or spontaneously explore Manhattan on foot.

Incredible food

For foodies, there are many great Greenwich Village restaurants to enjoy. The neighborhood's culinary scene is an assortment of cultures and cuisines, offering various dining experiences. You can find cozy spots for romantic dinner dates, intimate bistros on quiet streets, and waterfront restaurants with stunning views across the Hudson. You will be delighted by the various streetside fare and inspired by the presence of Michelin-starred establishments like Babbo, Frevo, and Wallsé.


While the appeal of living in Greenwich Village is undeniable, it's essential to consider both the perks and challenges that come with it. Here is an honest look at the cons of living in this neighborhood.

High cost of living

Living in Greenwich Village can be expensive, with higher-than-average costs for housing, dining, and entertainment. Here's a detailed breakdown of how the neighborhood’s various cost of living indices compare to New York City and state averages:

Index Greenwich Village New York City New York State
Cost of Living 220 160 119
Goods & Services 133 133 110
Groceries 145 145 113
Health care 109 109 101
Housing 432 234 145
Transportation 128 128 108
Utilities 103 103 98

The cost of living in Greenwich Village is significantly higher than the average for New York City and New York State. As the table shows, Greenwich Village residents pay 60% more for all expenses, including a 198% markup for housing, compared to the city average. Housing is clearly at a premium; there’s basically no space for new construction, and steady demand raises the market’s figurative floor despite recent population decreases.

The good news is that once you pay for housing, there are few outlandish expenses. In particular, health-related costs are comparable to state averages. Residents find the higher living costs in Greenwich Village worth the tradeoff for the neighborhood's vibrant culture, plethora of amenities, and historical charm. If you’re considering Greenwich Village, it’s vital to work with an experienced real estate agent for honest guidance concerning housing and other costs you may incur.


Manhattan is noteworthy for its high population density, a trait that’s characteristic of Greenwich Village. Tens of thousands of permanent residents rent or own property in the neighborhood. Certain streets and restaurants can get crowded in the spring and summer when seasonal residents move back and tourists book short-term rentals. The Broadway thoroughfare, Bleecker Street, and Mercer Street are among the neighborhood hotspots.

Its particular urban density is double-edged. For instance, the scarcity of parking spaces is healthy from an urbanist's point of view but inconvenient if you want to drive places. Plan your commute and errand schedule before moving into Greenwich Village luxury real estate.

Winter chill

Living in Greenwich Village also means experiencing the city's weather in its raw, unfiltered form. The neighborhood features a humid continental climate characterized by four seasons — including cold, snowy winters. Winter in the village tends to dip below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, making for a frosty season filled with the potential for snowy landscapes. The area averages 60 inches of snow yearly, more than double the U.S. average.

Of course, opinions vary on the weather; you might enjoy a winter wonderland, and many residents find the lovely springs and mild summers counterbalance frigid winters.

Property maintenance

The Greenwich Village lifestyle is about embracing the harmonious blend of its vibrant, fast-paced urban life with the laid-back, bohemian vibe. With those intangibles come a small set of challenges. A lower percentage of Greenwich Village homes have maintenance defects compared with homes citywide. Issues are relatively scarce but exist, making it imperative for buyers to inspect properties before signing a contract. And if you’ve moved into a historic residence or co-op, you might be barred from making upgrades.

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