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Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

“My goal is to become your trusted advisor and bring value to you, no matter what the market climate.”

Carolina Bravo is a Real Estate Advisor and Founder of the 212Bravo Team at SERHANT, recognized for her exceptional financial acumen and comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, as well as her modern data-driven and technology-forward approach. She combines 22 years of industry experience with an intrinsic ability to negotiate deals of any size, focusing on Manhattan's luxury condominiums, townhouses, and new developments. Her approach is rooted in sophisticated market trend analysis and technological innovation, making her an indispensable advisor to elite high-net-worth clients.

Carolina's rich multicultural background, stemming from her South American heritage and extensive travels in Europe, has shaped her into a globally-minded New Yorker. Having lived in Italy and France, she is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian. Carolina's international perspective enables her to adeptly handle a diverse range of clients, who value her economic insight and meticulous market analysis, along with her commitment to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity.

Carolina's strategic approach in real estate is evident in her bespoke marketing strategies, meticulously tailored to captivate specific demographic segments. She adeptly uses social media, personal networking, and extensive global connections to pinpoint qualified leads. When working with buyers and investors, she focuses on properties that align with their personal preferences and are poised for significant investment returns. Her far-reaching network, spanning the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, provides her clients with access to a broad spectrum of professionals in the legal, financial, and real estate sectors.

At her core, Carolina is a highly family-oriented entrepreneur. She draws continuous inspiration and drive from her daughter, Isabella Bravo, who has joined her as the co-founder of the 212Bravo Team.

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The 212Bravo Team has had a hand in more than $500M in sales throughout the city and specializes in luxury sales, investment properties, new developments, and foreign buyers. They create customized marketing campaigns for sellers, targeting specific demographic audiences and leveraging the power of social media, personal networking, and international connections. For their buyers and investors, they are highly attuned to specific tastes and styles and seek to find properties that satisfy emotional and financial goals. Their clients also benefit from a robust network of attorneys, mortgage brokers, accountants, and other real estate professionals.

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